31 Process Research and Development for Industrial Sustainability

Monday, March 31, 2014: 1:30 PM
Cambridge (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
This session encourages papers from theoretical or practical contributions on process and/or product development for sustainability. All related areas are welcomed, such as technology innovation for environmentally benign manufacturing, new process development for obtaining sustainable clean energy, development of green products, utilization of renewable resources, as well as the integration of sustainability analysis and supply chain approaches for the enterprise business sustainability.

Process Research and Innovation
Sustainability (09G)

Qiang Xu
Email: qiang.xu@lamar.edu

Alessandra R. Carreon
Email: alessandra.r.c@gmail.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

3:00 PM

3:30 PM
(31d) Chemical Plant Startup Simulations for Flare Emission Reduction
Jian Zhang, Ziyuan Wang, Qiang Xu and Thomas C. Ho

4:30 PM
(31f) Assessing the Use of Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor for Anaerobic Treatment of High-Load Food Wastewater at Bench Scale and Pilot Scale
Carlos M Negro Sr., Luis Cortijo Sr., Helen Barndok, Patricio Lopez Sr., Daphne Hermosilla, Elena Meabe, Josť R. Santiago Sr. and Frank Rogalla Sr.
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