Author Index: C

Cabezas, H.
133b Software for Synthesizing Complete Set of Pareto Efficient Designs of Energy Supply Chains According to Cost, Ecological Footprint, and Emergy
43ae Localization of Control Rooms Using a MINLP Approach, Based On Accidental Explosion Scenarios
44bf Consequences Calculation Tool for Storage Tank Fire Scenarios
74a Process Safety: Uniandes Vision From the Latin-American Context
52e What Makes a High-Performing Plant in Solomon's Olefins Studies?
Cai, T.
43x HAZOP Analysis and Debottleneck for Laboratory Operation in the Semiconductor Industry
Cai, T.
4a Mr. Tak Yanagi – Ahead of His Time
85b Performance Comparison of Structured Packing Liquid Holdup and Pressure Drop Correlations
110e Liquid Extraction Processes & Equipment
Camarta, N.
87b Production of Hydrogen From Carbon Compounds by Molten Salt Gasification
Camisard, L.
92c Flare Gas Recirculation Reduces Product Losses and Emissions At Lyondellbasell Ethylene Plant
Camparin, R. H.
45q Solving Operational Problems in a Naphtha Splitter
76e Non-Invasive Closed Loop Step Testing Technology for MPC Applications
45t Ethylene Furnace High Temperature Imaging Cameras to Monitor Burner Flames ,Tube Temperature and Tube Failure Detection
54f Inline Imaging System to Detect Hydrates, Wax and Sand
111g High Temperature Imaging Cameras Monitor Ethylene Furnace Operations for Improved Safety and Process Efficiency
Caputo, M.
118c Enhancing Credibility of Effects Modeling for High-Consequence Loss Events At Natural Gas Transportation Pipelines in Brazil
Cardoso, R.
28d Refinery Tower Inspections Discovering Problems and Solving Malfunctions
4c Gamma Scan and CAT-Scan Data From a Distillation Column At Various Loadings
Carpenter, A. R.
73c Promoting Commitment to Process Safety
Carreto, V. H.
13b Scale up of Stirred Batch and Semi-Batch Reactors - Gaps and Limitations of the Current Methodologies
33d Challenges in Commercial Scale up of Novel Poly(phenylene ether)-Polysiloxane Block Copolymer Process
Carvalho, F.
43ar Petrobras Process Safety Key Performance Indicators – Wells and Drilling Activities
Castaldi, M. J.
127b Carbon Storage and Methane Production Via Permafrost Gas Hydrate Deposits
Castillo Castillo, P.
103c Two-Level Algorithm for Gasoline Blend Planning Using Inventory Pinch Points to Reduce Number of Blend Recipes
Caswell, C.
25a Current Myths about LNG
Cesario, M.
137c Novel Warm Gas Multi-Contaminant Removal System
Chambers, S.
4a Mr. Tak Yanagi – Ahead of His Time
4c Gamma Scan and CAT-Scan Data From a Distillation Column At Various Loadings
95a Practical Examples of Alternate Overpressure Protection Systems: An Owner's Perspective
Chance, R. R.
110b Sorption and Diffusion of Ethanol and Water in Fluoride Mediated Silicalite-1
Chao, J.
47a A Methodology to Evaluate Flameless Venting Devices for Dust Explosions
Chaoyu, Y.
58e An Experimental Study of Effect of Cyclone Separator On Transmission of Pressure Fluctuation in a CFB
Chasselin, H.
90b Carburization In Ethylene Radiant Coils
66a New CCPS Guideline Book: Guidelines for Conditional Modifiers and Enabling Conditions
78c Testing for Competency - the Professional Engineering Examination
Chen, C. C.
125b Molecular Based Assays for the Practical Correlation and Prediction of Crude Oil and Petroleum Fraction Properties
Chen, D. H.
64d CFD Simulations and Simple Correlations to Predict Flare Performance Under Various Operating Conditions
Chen, D.
142g Evaluation and Comparison of Internal /External Heat Integration Configurations for the Separation of Propane and Propylene
Chen, G.
58b Post-Spinning Infusion of Poly(ethyleneimine) Into Polymer/Silica Hollow Fiber Sorbents for CO2/N2 Gas Separation
Chen, J. F.
104d Electrodeposition of Aluminum From AlCl3-BMIC Ionic Liquids in High Gravity Fields
77b Modeling and Simulation of Cyclic Operations Applied to Trickle Bed Hydrotreaters
126e Detailed Hydrocarbon Characterization of Diesel Fractions From Co-Hydroprocessing Canola Oil and HVGO Blends
Chen, P.
55d Use of Cold Flow Modeling and CFD for New Product Development
Chilka, A.
60a Performance Enhancement & Profitability Improvements of Refinery Operations Using 3-D Flow Modeling Techniques
34b NIST Thermodata Engine: Tool for Chemical Product Design
104f Enhancement of Mass Transfer with Square-Grooved Serrated Disc As Turbulence Promoter in Circular Tube
chitti Babu, N.
104e MASS Transfer Enhancement Due to the Presence of Rotating Single Twisted Tape Promoter in an Electrolytic Cell
Chittim, R.
10a Advancing Process Safety in the US Refining and Petrochemical Industries
Chmielewski, D. J.
59a Smart Grid Tutorial: What? Why? How? and Who?
59e Panel Discussion
Cho, J. H.
56a Selection of Optimized Gas Monetization Option with FLNG or Fixed FLNG
Chosnek, J.
131c From LNG Imports to LNG Exports: Process Safety and Regulatory Challenges
141c HSE Evolution in Conversion of LNG Import Terminals to Export
83b Molecular Origin of Cellulose Dissolution in Novel Solvent Mixtures
Cicerone, D.
26a Sulphur Technology Tutorial – Conventional Wisdom and Innovative Frontiers
26b Successful Sulfur Unit Startups
Clark, D.
108b The Application of Lean Six Sigma within the Specialty Chemicals Industry
46b Benchmarking Industry Practices for the Use of Alarms As Safeguards and Layers of Protection
Cole, W.
59b Managing Economic Uncertainty in a Smart Grid Environment
92c Flare Gas Recirculation Reduces Product Losses and Emissions At Lyondellbasell Ethylene Plant
129a Improved Filtration Analysis Applied to Filter Press Separations
47c On-Going Developments in Addressing Combustible Dust Hazards
Congiundi, A.
139f A Creative Solution to a Splitter with Multiple Constraints Using APC
120c Blacks Swans, White Swans and Fifty Shades of Grey
Cooper, J.
100a Technical Risk – It's Not a One-Size-Fits-All Proposition
107b Hydrogen Generation From Residuum
Counce, R.
View Contributions of Current Density and Voltage Efficiency to Estimated Capital Costs of an All Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery
Cox, B. L.
43w Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure From Molten Sulfur- A Forgotten Hazard?
99c Development of a Steel Component Combustion Model for Fires Involving Pure Oxygen Systems
120a Using near Misses to Improve Risk Management Decisions
Cox, K. R.
82a Simulation Through the Eyes of a Practitioner Turned Academic
84d Bridging Between Engineering Communities: A Hitchhiker's Guide
Coyle, D.
25a Current Myths about LNG
Cramer, J.
78f Panel of Speakers
Creitz, L.
118b Release Scenario Assumptions for Modeling Risk From Underground Gaseous Pipelines
134c Going Beyond Asset Monitoring for Improved Reliability: Remote Asset Monitoring and Alerts
Cristea, N. N.
44t Making Relief Load Estimates Match Reality
26d Considerations of Temperature Measurement in the Claus Thermal Reaction Furnace
Crum, R.
36b Building an Iron-Clad BACT Attack - Avoiding Imposition of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) on Your Next Major Ethylene Expansion
115b Strategic Planning MODEL, A CORE Tool for Industrial Vision
Cummings, D. E.
41b Process Safety Leading Indicators: A “Silver Bullet” or “Bean Counting” for Enhanced Risk Management
44be Key Strategies for Implementing a Corporate Fatigue Risk Management System
49c A Guide to the Legal Framework of the PSM Standard for Engineers
Cutchen, S.
19b Role of Leading Indicators in Prevention of Major Accidents: CSB Learnings From BP Texas City and Deepwater Horizon
128f CSB Investigation of Chevron Richmond Refinery Fire