120 Is the Corporation Learning From Incidents and Near Misses?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013: 10:15 AM
River Level 001B (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
The process industries have focused on incidents and near misses and the lessons they provide for quite some time. It is well recognized that near miss incidents provide clues to catastrophic incident pathways. Significant resources have been expended to obtain the “Lessons Learned.” But are the learnings from incidents and near misses being translated into action at the operational level through incorporation into management systems and practices? Are there additional types of lessons in areas such as leadership behaviors, operational discipline, project design reviews, and how we conduct risk assessments that can be learned? This session will present papers on “Lessons Learned” and how they are institutionalized including the “soft” areas of process safety such as Operational Discipline, Leadership, Culture, Competency, and Risk Assessment.

28th Center for Chemical Process Safety International Conference (CCPS)

Sara Saxena
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John W. Champion
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10:15 AM
(120a) Using near Misses to Improve Risk Management Decisions
Sean J. Dee, Brenton L. Cox and Russell A. Ogle
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11:15 AM
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