83 Sustainable and Renewable Biofuels (cellulosic hydrocarbon fuels, green diesel, gasoline, etc.)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013: 1:30 PM
Presidio B (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Development of processes for biofuels production via bio-catalytic, bio-molecular, enzymatic or thermo-catalytic routes from the perspective of their value and future as energy delivery systems; fundamental and applied studies on (bio)-catalysis, thermodynamics and transport phenomena related to the development of sustainable and renewable biofuels along with technical and economic evaluation of various routes. Papers presented in this session are eligible for the TEP Division best paper award.

Topical Five: Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy for the Twenty-First Century
Sustainable Engineering Forum (23), Transport and Energy Processes (07)

Hemant P. Pendse
Email: pendse@maine.edu