136 Cracking Furnace Safety – Burner Management Systems

Wednesday, May 1, 2013: 2:00 PM
Lone Star F (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
This session involves five different presentations pertaining to burner management systems and tentatively includes a plan for a panel discussion following the presentations. Two of the presentations will be by operating firms; these presenters will discuss burner management practices (for cracking furnaces) in Canada and in the United States. The remaining presentations will include an overview of safety/design issues associated with furnace burners, a review of proposed burner management system design for new furnaces, and a review of retrofit burner management design for existing furnaces.

Topical 4: The 25th Ethylene Producers’ Conference

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Rick Swain
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2:05 PM
(136a) Burner-Specific Safety and Design Issues
Christoph Strupp and Erwin Platvoet

3:20 PM
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4:00 PM