293896 Sustainability in Industrial Water Treatment System

Wednesday, May 1, 2013: 9:00 AM
Republic C (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Vina Arjomandnia, Process Technology, Fluor, Sugar Land, TX

Sustainability in industrial water treatment system

Water is as important in the oil industry as the crude feed itself.

Proper water treatment is essential for reliable and efficient refinery operation as well as compliance with social and environmental regulations.

Sustainable water treatment system in industry should provide adequate water quantity and quality for general and specific needs such as high pressure steam generation. Wastewater streams selective source segregation and treatment enhances maximum sustainability and recovery for reuse as make up water in cooling towers etc.  Non contaminated rain water along with treated contaminated rain runoff can provide a sustainable water supply for industry.

This paper will discuss designs where these methods could be implemented to ensure the sustainability of the industrial water demands, on domestic and international projects.

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