293435 Continuous Improvement in Pilot Plants for Safer Operation

Tuesday, April 30, 2013: 9:05 AM
Bonham B (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Kiran Gupte, Technology Development, BP Refining & Logistics Technology, Naperville, IL

Continuous Improvement in Pilot Plants

for Safer Operation

Kiran Gupte

BP Refining & Logistics Technology

150 W. Warrenville Rd

Naperville, IL 60563

BP’s Refining & Logistics Technology group has successfully designed, commissioned and operated pilot plants in support of refining processes over the last 20 years. Of course, over the years the management practices have evolved with newer methodologies. The “Continuous Improvement Process” is important to critically review all operations to further strengthen the safety in design and operation. In addition to the old and reliable “Process Safety Review (PSR)” process, the newer “Management of Change (MOC)” procedures play the most critical role.  An “Inherently Safer Design” is not only for a new pilot plant during the conceptual design phase but it should also be considered in every improvement.  The “Continuous Improvement” process helps to bring out and consider smaller steps in improving operation of the pilot plants. The cumulative effect of every improvement step however can never be over emphasized. This presentation will highlight the challenges of operating small scale pilot plant and methods to continually improve these units for safer operation.  As the pilot units get used for ever expanding types of projects, the attention to “Operating within the Design Envelope” is important for safe operation with zero incidents. All these aspects are an integral part of the overarching Operations Management System. The safe practices developed are applicable to all types of equipment including small-scale catalyst screening reactors, small-medium autoclave reactors, distillation apparatus, and large pilot plant and demonstration reactors handling a broad range of hydrocarbon feedstocks.

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