Ethylene Plant Technology - Fundamentals and Innovation

Tuesday, April 3, 2012: 8:00 AM
382 (George R. Brown Convention Center)

What is new in Olefins? This session will present new research and development, emerging technologies, and innovation in the manufacture and recovery of ethylene and other base chemicals. Come join ust to look into the future of olefins technology!

Topical 4: The 24th Ethylene Producersí Conference

Jack H. Buehler

L. Alberto Morales

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8:30 AM
(51b) Hydrogen Membrane Technology for Ethylene Production
U (Balu) Balachandran, T. H. Lee, S.E. Dorris and Peter O. Akinjiola

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8:55 AM
(51c) Microwave Enhanced Direct Cracking of Ethane for Production of Ethylene
Morgana Fall, Ricardo Bowlin, Holly Shulman, James Carnahan, Eric Wagner and Ravi Lal

9:20 AM

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10:30 AM
(51f) Bio-Ethylene Production: Alternatives for Green Chemicals and Polymers
Kevin M. Van Geem, Jinto ManjalyAnthonykutty, Steven Pyl, Ali Harlin and Guy Marin

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