CO2 Reduction

Tuesday, April 3, 2012: 1:30 PM
337B (Hilton of the Americas)

This session will cover a wide variety of topics on refinery optimization including but not limited to LP modeling, heavy crude processing, etc. and various revamp/retrofit work done on refineries. The session will also include topics on debottlenecking opportunities and reliability studies done to identify opportunities for energy savings and increase plant efficiency.

Topical 7: 15th Topical on Refinery Processing
Environmental Division (09)

Richard K. Isherwood

Oscar Aguilar

Ian M. Glasgow

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1:30 PM
(86a) Refining Energy Utilization and CO2 Emissions Modeling
John J. Marano, William Morrow III, Eric Masanet, Tengfang Xu and Sathaye Jayant

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2:00 PM

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2:30 PM
(86c) Reducing CO2 Emissions From Refineries Through Chemistry Upgrade
Ana M Eisenhauer, Michelle Valenzuela and Linda Pirtle

3:00 PM

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