24 Calcium Looping and Chemical Looping Processes for CCS (II)

Monday, March 14, 2011: 1:30 PM
Columbus CD (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is viewed as one of the best short-medium term solution for CO2 emission mitigation. Among the different ways for CO2 capture from concentrated emission points (mostly power production), this session will focus on aspects related to both calcium looping and chemical looping processes. In particular, the session will concentrate on the advances on adsorbent material production, oxygen carrier materials, calcium looping processes, chemical looping reactors such as circulating fluidized bed or dynamically operated packed beds, chemical looping of solid fuels, looping reforming etc. Presenters are encouraged to submit in the above technological areas or in any other areas that apply to the general advancement in carbon capture through calcium and chemical looping processes.

Topical 2: Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization

Fausto Gallucci
Email: F.Gallucci@tue.nl

Martin Van Sint Annaland
Email: M.v.sintannaland@tue.nl

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2:30 PM
(24c) Packed-Bed Chemical-Looping Combustion: Theoretical Investigation and Experimental Validation
Martin Van Sint Annaland, Sander Noorman, Fausto Gallucci and Hans JAM Kuipers

3:00 PM
File available
3:30 PM
(24d) High Temperature CO2 Capture with Modified CaO-Based Pellet Sorbents
Yinghai Wu, Ian He, Vasilije Manovic and Edward J. Anthony
File available
4:00 PM
(24e) Scale-up of Fixed-Bed Chemical Looping Combustion
Erin E. Kimball, Peter Geerdink and Earl L.V. Goetheer

5:00 PM
(24g) Comparative Investigation on Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Containing H2s Over Supported Fe2O3 - MnO2 Oxygen Carrier
Ewelina Ksepko, Ranjani V. Siriwardane, Hanjing Tian, Thomas Simonyi, Sciazko Marek and James Poston
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