81 GCPS Poster Session

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 5:00 PM
Grand Ballroom C/D (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
This is the poster session for the Global Congress on Process Safety. All papers that are not accepted to an oral session are automatically considered for acceptance to the poster session. However, if you would like to submit an abstract directly to the poster session (and not have it considered for an oral session), you may do so by submitting here.

45th Annual Loss Prevention Symposium (LPS)

Mike Moosemiller
Email: mmoosemiller@bakerrisk.com

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(81al) Experimental Study of Ignition Bulk Storage by Hot Points
Agnès Janès, Jacques Chaineaux and Douglas Carson

(81aq) Hydrogen Disposal Flare System Hazard Identification and Mitigation Analysis
Christopher B. McGrath, Alan M. Sutton, Lawrence A. Goudie and John G. Standen

(81av) Probability of Initial Failure for Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves
Julia V. Bukowski, Robert E. Gross and Dr. William M. Goble

(81bo) Benefits of CFD for Onshore Facility Explosion Studies
Olav Hansen, Scott G. Davis, Prankul Middha, Filippo Gavelli and Kees Van Wingerden
File available
(81bp) An Evaluation of Denser Than Air Dispersion Models
Sergio Garcia, Felipe Munoz, Carlos Murillo and Alejandro Rodriguez
File available
(81bq) An Investigation of Fire and Explosion Accident In the Drainage System Related to Process Industries
Mohanad M. El-Harbawi, Siti Nurul Asikhin Shaaran and Muhammad Aizat Abd Wahi

(81br) Uncertainty In LOPA Studies
Raymond "Randy" Freeman
File available
(81bs) Quantitative Risk Assessment for Hydrofluoric Acid Handling Unit
Prashanthi S. Bhupathi, Digambar Chaukade, Sushil M. Godbole, Amish M. Bhavsar and Prabir Ghosh
File available
(81bu) Sensitivity ANALYSIS of Atmospheric Dispersion MODELING IN Emergency Situation
Stéphane Pagnon, Bruno Debray, Aurélia Bony-Dandrieux, Jérome Tixier, François Fontaine and Gilles Dusserre
File available
(81bw) Accident/Incident Scenarios Based on Life Stages Across the Enterprise
Toyoaki Nakarai, Satoru Yoshino, Ikuya Nishimaru, Mari Kutsumi and Atsumi Miyake

(81cf) Criticality Analysis for Hazardous Materials Transportation
Mariana Bahadian Bardy, Americo Diniz Carvalho Neto and Katia Oliveira

(81e) Exploration of Offshore Safety Case with An Example
Yuyan Guo, Inge Alme and Dr. M Sam Mannan

(81f) Quantitative Risk Assessment Comparison of Heater Burner System Designs
Steven T. Maher, Kristin D. Hockett and Geoffrey D. Kaiser

(81g) A Statistical Review of Experimental PV Burst Data Available In the Literature
Fei Chen, Elizabeth M. Lutostansky, Sanjay Mehta and Joan M. Schork
File available
(81i) Experimental Study of CH4/O2/CO2 Mixtures Explosivity
Agnès Janès, Benoît Tribouilloy, Jacques Chaineaux and Guy Marlair
File available
(81x) Calculating the Explosion Energy of a BLEVE Using Exergy Analysis
Russell A. Ogle, Juan C. Ramirez and Suzanne Smyth

(81z) Evaporation From Liquid Spillages: State of the Art and Improvements
Serge Forestier, Frederic Heymes, Laurent Aprin, Laurent Munier, Gilles Dusserre and Christian Legallic
File available
Fuels Transportation Network Design: Minimization of Risk Associated to Hazardous Materials Transportation
Jonathan Lizarazo, Carlos A. Cárdenas, Felipe Muñoz and Eliecer Gutierrez
File available
Experimental Results From Heavy Gas Dispersions
Dr. D. Schmidt, Dr. V. Lohse, Dr. V. Schröder and Ch Rauchegger
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