44 Inherent Process Safety Experience Applying the Discipline in Operating Facilities

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 8:00 AM
Columbus IJ (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
The Inherent Safety precepts of minimization, moderation, substitution and simplification directly address the process risk metric, i.e. consequence x frequency. The practice of Inherent Safety has received much attention in recent years even to the extent of consideration of the development of regulations directed toward the implementation and evaluation of inherently safer solutions. Inherent Safety goals have a role throughout the risk-evaluation life cycle of a process plant, beginning with process research and development and continuing through conceptual design to detailed design to daily operations and management of change to decommissioning. This session is particularly focused on papers addressing plant-level experience successes and challenges applying inherently safer precepts. Papers are sought discussing case studies, lessons learned, risk reduction evaluations and economic justifications resulting from applying inherently safer practices at any stage of the process plant life cycle.

13th Process Plant Safety Symposium (PPSS)

Colin S. Howat III
Email: cshowat@howatrisk.com

Victor H. Edwards
Email: vic.edwards@kvaerner.com

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8:00 AM
(44a) An Analysis of CSB Investigation Reports for Inherent Safety Learnings
Paul R. Amyotte, Dustin K. MacDonald and Faisal I. Khan

9:30 AM
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10:15 AM
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