98 Fuel Processing for Hydrogen Production (I)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 8:00 AM
Columbus AB (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
This session will focus on the reforming for applications involving fuel cell systems. Topics of interest will include, but are not limited to the following: • Catalytic reforming (partial oxidation, steam, dry, and autothermal reforming) of various fuels • Novel non-catalytic reforming technologies • Hydrogen production from coal and renewable sources • Reactor design for fuel processors • Water gas shift, preferential oxidation, methanation reaction • Fuel cleanup – desulfurization • Systems analysis/technology integration for fuel processors • Technology Applications

Topical 2: Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization

Dushyant Shekhawat
Email: dushyant.shekhawat@netl.doe.gov

David A. Berry
Email: david.berry@netl.doe.gov

James J. Spivey
Email: jjspivey@lsu.edu

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8:30 AM

8:50 AM
(98c) Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Production From Renewables for PEM Fuel Cells
Hazem Tawfik, Steven Lopez, Thomas Butcher and Devinder Mahajan

9:30 AM
(98e) Preparation of Perovskite-Based Catalysts and Fuel Injection System for Diesel Reforming
Yong-Gun Shul, Junki Rhee, Jae Choon Yang, Sangsun Park and Hyun Khil Shin

9:50 AM
(98f) Development of a Structured Graded Catalyst System for the Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
Mark Smith, David Berry, Dushyant Shekhawat, Daniel J. Haynes and James J. Spivey

10:10 AM
(98g) Diesel Reforming Catalytic Kinetics - Experimental Results and Model Development
Rajesh D. Parmar, Dushyant Shekhawat, Brant. A. Peppley and Kunal Karan

11:10 AM
(98j) Methanol Reforming on Structured Catalyst and Microchannel Reactors
Mario Montes, Francisco Javier Echave, Oihane Sanz, Brahim Arhoun, Miguel Angel Centeno, José Antonio Odriozola, Gurutze Arzamendi and Luis M. Gandia
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