87 Carbon Capture/Separation From Gasification-Based Systems

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 8:00 AM
Columbus CD (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
The capture/separation step for carbon dioxide (CO2) from large-point sources is a critical one with respect to the technical feasibility and cost of the overall carbon sequestration scenario (capture followed by storage). For large-point sources, such as those found in power generation and industrial operations, the carbon dioxide capture techniques should possess the potential for improved efficiency and costs as compared to more conventional technologies. The techniques can have wide applications, for example capture/separation of carbon dioxide from fuel or synthesis gas (precombustion, such as integrated gasification combined cycle IGCC). This session will concentrate on new or improved methods of CO2 capture from gasification-based advanced power systems or large industrial plants that can significantly reduce CO2 capture costs and associated energy requirements. Novel concepts are being developed including, but not limited to, wet scrubbing; chemical absorption or adsorption with solid sorbents; separation by membranes; and chemical looping. Presenters are encouraged to submit in the above technological areas or in any other areas that apply to the general advancement in precombustion carbon capture.

Topical 2: Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization

David Luebke
Email: David.Luebke@netl.doe.gov

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8:00 AM
(87a) The Dry Gasification Oxy-Combustion (DGOC) Power Production Cycle
Michael E. Walker, Javad Abbasian, Donald J. Chmielewski and Marco J. Castaldi

8:25 AM
(87b) Investigation of the Adsorbed Species of CO2 on Mg(OH)2
James C. Fisher II and Ranjani V. Siriwardane

8:50 AM
(87c) Physical Solvents That Are Alternatives for PEGDME In CO2 Absorption
Matthew B. Miller, David Luebke and Robert M. Enick

9:40 AM
(87e) Evaluation of Advanced Solvents for CO2 Capture From Syngas
Tony Wu, Alex Bonsu, Robert S. Dahlin, E. Carl Landham and John Wheeldon
File available
10:05 AM
(87f) Molecular Sieve Carbons for CO2 Capture
James Donald Carruthers, Melissa A. Petruska, Edward A. Sturm and Shaun Wilson
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