74 Ethylene Plant Technology - Fundamentals and Innovation

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 2:00 PM
Crystal B (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
What is new in Olefins? This session will present new research and development, emerging technologies, and innovation in the manufacture and recovery of ethylene and other base chemicals. Come join ust to look into the future of olefins technology!

Topical 4: The 23rd Ethylene Producersí Conference

Jack Buehler
Email: jack.buehler@shell.com

L. Alberto Morales
Email: moralla@cpchem.com

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2:25 PM
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2:45 PM
(74c) Catalytic Cracking of FT Products for Light Olefins Production
Angeline Moodley, Julian Price, Dilip Dharia, Maximo (Max) Salazar and David Banks

3:05 PM
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3:25 PM
(74d) C5 Metathesis for Increased Propylene Production
Stephen J. Stanley and Robert J. Gartside
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3:45 PM
(74e) Beyond "Classics":New Technologies to Boost Capacity In a Butadiene Unit
Bernd Heida, Bernd Metzen, Randolf Hugo and Werner Peschel
File available
4:05 PM
(74f) Recover Ethylene From Refinery off-Gas Via the Ole-SIVTM Process
David Young, Seong Jun Lee, Jae Ho Lee, Jong-Nam Kim, Jong-Ho Park, Jang Jae Lee and Nicholas J. Kim
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