29 AIChE Outreach Workshop for Professional Volunteers and K-12 Teachers

Monday, March 14, 2011: 2:00 PM
Columbus AB (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
This session is a hands-on workshop aimed toward two audiences: 1) young professionals, fellows, and other AIChE Volunteers who want to get involved in K-12 outreach of chemical engineering, and 2) K-12 teachers, and High School Guidance Counselors who want to involve engineering activities and professional volunteers in their classes. The format of the workshop is 1) Light meal and presentations 2) Break into activity groups and have the participants rotate through various activities 3) Get back together for feedback and to give out take aways This session is to be held Tuesday late afternoon or evening. It is preceded by a session Tuesday morning or early afternoon.


Katherine S. Ziemer
Email: k.ziemer@neu.edu

Dennis O'Brien
Email: Dennis.O'Brien@Jacobs.com

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