Implementing Sustainable Supply Chains Roundtable (Invited Panelists)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010: 2:00 PM
Presidio B (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)

This session will provide an overview on how business is seeking to evaluate supplies and suppliers in terms of sustainable products, services and supplier practices. It will highlight some programs in EPA to assist organization in this effort. It will also leverage efforts from the Sustainable Supply Chain Roundtable of CSTP to continue discussion on development of collaborative approaches and methods to building more sustainable supply chains. Sponsorship for this session comes from the Center for Sustainable Technology Practices (CSTP) at AIChE. Invited speakers include those from the following organizations: •Shell BioFuels •Cadbury and AM Todd •WalMart/Sustainability Consortium •Greener Package •AIM-Progress Network •Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance •EPA Sustainable Product Network •EPA/Green Suppliers Network

Topical 9: Sustainability Workshop: Perspectives on Measurement and Supply Chain

Beth Beloff

Dale Keairns