Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 5:00 PM-6:15 PM
Hall E-2 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 1: 42nd Loss Prevention Symposium (T1)

#148 - Global Congress on Process Safety - Joint Poster Session and Reception (T1007)
Global Congress on Process Safety - Joint Poster Session and Reception
Chair:Peter N. Lodal
CoSponsor(s):Topical 3: 10th Process Plant Safety Symposium (T3)
Topical 4: Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) 23rd International Conference (T4)
Loss Prevention & Process Safety (11a)
Prediction of Source Location and Rate of a Chemical Release for Emergency Response: Back Trajectory Approach
Shahryar Khajeh Najafi, Suneetha Burla
Passive Device Technology: The Trend Away from Reliance upon Valving Systems to Address Line Failure
Steinbach Thomas
Risk Based Method to Establish Inspection Intervals for Prds
Valerie Magyari, Phillip Henry
Chemical Safety Database - Application for Explosion Limits of Biogases
Maria Molnarne, Volkmar Schr÷der
Development of a Methodology for Toxic and Flammable Gases Sensors Positioning in Oil Platforms
Giordhanne Bruno Carpaneda Gimenes, PatrÝcia Carneiro dos Santos, Valter CÚsar de Souza, Aristeu Da Silveira Neto, Solid˘nio R. de Carvalho
A Graphical Approach for Representing Hazard Scenarios
Rafael Batres, Tetsuo Fuchino, Yukiyasu Shimada
Carver+Shock: Food Defense Software Development, Application and Technical Needs
Phil Pohl
How to Apply Process Safety Management to Capital Projects
Hunter Shang
An Explosion in Skid Mounted Hydrogen Compressor Panel
Shantanu Date
Electrical Flash and Fire in Sub-Station
Shumaila S. Khan
Case Study of a Hydrogen Explosion in An Electrical Panel
Timothy J. Myers
Chemically Unstable Gases ľ Flammability of Ethylene Oxide Mixtures in Sterilization Processes
Volkmar Schr÷der, Enis Askar, Aydan Acikalin, Joerg Steinbach
Effects of Polyethylene Size on Ignition of Electrostatics Discharge
Dongfeng Zhao, Lu Shuai, Zhang Lin, Yin Fabo, Liu Yi
Ge Gasturbine Design in O G Applications According to IEC62061 Requirements Vs CE Marking
Vincenzo Amato, Elda Casamassima
Domino Effects Research in the Safety Assessment of Petrochemical Enterprises
DongFeng Zhao, Zhang Bo, Wang Wendong
Robust and Reliable Modelling for a Distillation Column
Yahya Chetouani
Specialized Working Procedure
I. Made Sukrajaya, Yenny Bambang
Obstacle Effects on Vented Gas Explosion Pressures
Robert Zalosh

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