Monday, April 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 389 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Natural Gas Utilization (TAY)

#30 - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - Technology (TAY01)
Organizers:Chen-Hwa Chiu
M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer
CoSponsor(s):Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (16)
Topical 6: 8th Topical Conference on Natural Gas Utilization (T6)
8:00 AMConcept Validation for a Very Large Lng Train
Heinz C. Bauer, Arne O. Fredheim, Roy A. Heiersted, Stefano De Simone
8:20 AMComparison Study on Small-Scale Lng Plants in China
Xiaodong Yang, Anzhong Gu, Wensheng Lin, Xuesheng Lu
8:40 AMCost Effective and Practical Ngl Stripping Processes
Joseph Cho, Don K. Hill, Justin Capouch, Loren Pieper
9:00 AMAn Innovative Control Acheme of a C3/MR Lng Plant
James C. Bronfenbrenner, Matthew J. Okasinski, Scott Trautmann
9:20 AMComparison of Present Day Peakshaving Liquefaction Technologies
Nancy C. Ballout, Brian C. Price
9:40 AMFloating Lng Liquefaction Facilities Using the Optimized Cascade Process
Michael A Wilkes

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