Thursday, April 10, 2008: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room 387 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 7: 11th Topical on Refinery Processing (T7)

#228 - CO2 and Sulfur Issues in Refineries (T7007)
This session will cover topics related to managing CO2 and sulfur in refineries.
Chair:Pravin Sheth
Cochairs:Helmy Andrawis
Belma Demirel
Frigyes Lestak
8:30 AMTutorial: Sulfur Management in Refineries
Pravin Sheth
9:30 AMDevelopment of New Generation of Agile Desulfurizers
Desikan Sundararajan, Abdul-Majeed Azad
9:55 AMA Novel Fcc Regeneration Process for Reduced CO2 Emission
Yu Rong, Nan Zhang, Megan Jobson
10:20 AMDecarbonisation in Process Sites
Yuhang Lou, Robin Smith, Jhuma Sadhukhan
10:45 AMIn Situ Synthesis and Characterization of Bimetallic Mesoporous Silica and Its Applications
Debasish Kuila, Balaji Tatineni, Joslyn Perkins, Sergey Yarmolenko, Zhigang Xu, Shamsuddin Ilias
11:10 AMCa Based High Temperature CO2 Absorbents for Sorption Enhanced Reforming Process
Kwang B. Yi, Chang Hyun Ko, Jong-Ho Park, Su F. Wu, Jong-Nam Kim

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