Monday, April 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 397 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Research and New Technology Committee (18j)

#22 - Carbon Sequestration I (18J03)
This session will concentrate on new or improved methods of CO2 capture from advanced power systems and large industrial plants that can significantly reduce CO2 capture costs and associated energy requirements. Capture/separations from these large stationary point sources can involve post-combustion or pre-combustion techniques as well as oxy-combustion to produce a near pure stream of CO2. These session will deal not only with the capture of CO2 from flue gas, fuel gas, or other streams, but also with the behavior and interactions of CO2 after it has been injected into a geologic formation.
Chair:Rameshwar D. Srivastava
Cochairs:Patrick M. Findle
Evan J. Granite
Henry W. Pennline
CoSponsor(s):Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (16)
8:00 AMProgress and New Developments in CO2 Capture and Storage
Sean I. Plasynski, Derek M. Vikara, Rameshwar D. Srivastava
8:25 AMPolyimides and Their Derivatives for Gas Separation Applications
John R. Klaehn, Christopher J. Orme, Thomas A. Luther, Eric S. Peterson, Jagoda M. Urban-Klaehn
8:50 AMCarbon Dioxide Selective Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes: The Effect of Contaminants
David Luebke, Jeffery B. Ilconich, Christina Myers, Henry W. Pennline
9:15 AMTheoretical Predictions of Hydrogen Permeability in Pd-Based Membranes
Jennifer Wilcox
9:40 AMPost-Combustion Dry Phase CO2 Capture with a Charged Polymeric Membrane
Gordon Nangmenyi, Michael Heiber, James Economy
10:05 AMCapture of CO2 from Combustion Flue Gas Using the Carbozyme Liquid Membrane Permeator Results of Pilot-Scale Testing
Michael C. Trachtenberg
10:30 AMDevelopment of Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimer Composite Membrane Module for CO2 Separation
Teruhiko Kai, Shuhong Duan, Firoz Alam Chowdhury, Shingo Kazama, Yuichi Fujioka

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