Monday, April 7, 2008: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 289 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Research and New Technology Committee (18j)

#32 - Massive Electricity Storage: Fixing Renewable Power's Achilles Heel (18J00)
Renewable power generated from wind and solar is plentiful but intermittent by nature. Up to the point when system instability sets in, it can be distributed for use by piggybacking it onto a dispatchable baseload power system supported by coal or nuclear generation. As renewable power is rapidly being added to the global power system, a critical technology is required on a huge scale to convert the intermittent renewable power into dispatchable baseload power. For renewable power to assume the role of principal baseload power supplier of the future, reliable, safe, and economically feasible massive electricity storage technologies must be developed, demonstrated, and operated commercially. This session highlights the Achilles Heel of renewable power---its intermittency---in order to heighten public awareness of the critical need for and to stimulate RD&D action to deploy massive electricity storage to fix this Achilles Heel. This panel session will have overview presentations by invited speakers, followed by discussions among panelists and the audience. The follow-on panel discussion with the audience will serve to gather additional input and focus on future needs and data gaps.
Chair:Dave Gushee
CoChair:Bernard S. Lee
8:00 AMSession Introduction
Bernard S. Lee
8:10 AMPower System Instability
Howard Illian
8:30 AMR&D for Massive Storage Technologies for Solar Power
Brad Roberts
8:50 AMVanadium Flow Batteries for Wind Generators
Tim Hennessy
9:10 AMSodium-Sulfur Batteries for Peak Shaving or Wind Generation
Ali Nourai
9:30 AMMassive Electricity Storage Panel Discussion
Bernard S. Lee, Dave Gushee
10:00 AMQuestion and Answer Session with Audience
Bernard S. Lee, Dave Gushee

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