Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 289 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical B: Energy Processes (TB)

#97 - Thermochemical Conversion of Forest & Other Biomass to Hydrogen, Biofuels and Chemicals (TB008)
Papers in this session will descibe the progress and challenges in converting forest and other biomass to hydrogen, bio-fuels and chemicals.
Chair:Kinya Sakanishi
Cochairs:Hemant P. Pendse
C.B. Panchal
8:30 AMH2 Purification and CO2 Capture in a Post-Biomass-Gasifier Membrane Reactor
Charles Taylor, Bryan D. Morreale, Bret H. Howard
8:55 AMFast Pyrolysis of Poplar Wood and Poultry Litter
Sedat H. Beis, Foster A. Agblevor
9:20 AMSyngas/ Hydrogen Production Via Gasification of Meat and Bone Meal
Chirayu G. Soni, Zhiguo Wang, Ajay K. Dalai, Todd Pugsley, Terrance Fonstad
9:45 AMIntermediate Temperature Catalytic Reforming of Bio-Oil for Distributed Hydrogen Production
Jonathan R. Marda, Anthony M. Dean, Stefan Czernik, Robert J. Evans, Richard French, Matthew Ratcliff
10:10 AMBiomass Gasification Using a Fixed-Bed Downdraft Gasifier
Morteza Eslamian, Alice Yip, Masahiro Kawaji, C.A. Mims, Honghi N. Tran

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