Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room 288 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (01a)

#139 - Kinetics and Transport Properties (01A00)
We welcome experimental, theoretical, and computational studies on transport properties and fundamental kinetic processes of pure fluids, mixtures, and biomolecular systems. We especially encourage contributions on novel experimental techniques and on structure-based modeling.
Chair:J. Richard Elliot
CoChair:David S. Corti
2:00 PMA Group Contribution Based-Model to Estimate Free Volume in Amorphous Polymers for Solvent Diffusion
Hongling Lv, Baoguo Wang, Jichu Yang
2:20 PMA New Methodology for the Determination of Homogeneous Diffusion Coefficients of Biomolecules in Adsorbents Via Non-Equilibrium Modeling
Gönül Akkaya, Ahmet R. Özdural
2:40 PMMolecular Modeling Study of Adsorption and Diffusion of Mixed Gases in Cubtc Metal Organic Framework
Karl Johnson, Jinchen Liu, Seda Keskin, David S. Sholl
3:00 PMLiquid Injection into Fluidized Beds
Paul Zhao, Peter O'Rourke, Dale Snider
3:20 PMKinetics of Noncatalytic Water Gas Shift Reaction in a Supercritical Water Medium
Jason W. Picou, Jonathan E. Wenzel, H. Bryan Lanterman, Sunggyu Lee
3:40 PMHigh Throughput of Non-Steady-State Catalytic Activity Characteristics Using Temporal Analysis of Products
Gregory S. Yablonsky, John T. Gleaves, Xiaolin Zheng, Renato Feres, Denis Constales
4:00 PMRadiolysis Induced Mobility of Chloride Ions in Zeolite
William David Jacobs, Herbert Lee Nigg
4:20 PMThe Kinetics of Chlorine Evolution on Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA) Used in the Chlor-Alkali Industry
Maryam Vahdati mohaddes, Mandana Akia, Marzieh Hamidzadeh

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