Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:30 PM
Room 385 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Petrochemicals & Derivatives (16b)

#143 - Petrochemicals and Derivatives II (16B02)
This session is organized around recent advances in petrochemical chemistry and catalysis. This includes: (1) novel routes to petrochemicals and aromatics, (2) emerging petrochemical products, (3) novel uses of petrochemicals in either new products or new markets, and (4) advances in reaction chemistry and catalysis for the production of aromatics and derivatives. The session encourages participation from both and academia and industry where new chemistry and catalysis concepts and commercialization best practices can be shared.
Chair:Robert J. Schmidt
CoChair:Richard Kolodziej
2:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
2:05 PM1-Octene from Butadiene New Technology Based on Heterogeneous Catalysts
Andrzej Krzywicki, Xiaoliang Gao, Oleksiy Golovchenko, Stacy Johnston, Antonio Nicola
2:30 PMThermodynamic Prediction of the Olefin Product Distribution in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Cornelius Mduduzi Masuku, David Glasser, Diane Hildebrandt
2:55 PMIntermittent Feeding of Synthesis Gas into Series FT Reactors
Jim Bucher, Johannes Schwank
3:20 PMMicroalgae Cultivation in Bioreactors for CO2 Mitigation from Power Plants Flue Gas and Fuel Production by Supercritical CO2 Extraction
Maoqi Feng
3:45 PMHigh Temperature Co-Electrolysis of Steam and Carbon Dioxide to Produce Synthesis Gas for Fischer Tropsch Synthetic Fuels
Lyman Frost, Joseph Hartvigsen, S. Elangovan
4:10 PMKinetics of Heterogeneously Catalyzed Triglyceride Transesterification: A New Simulation Framework for Biodiesel Production
Mian Xu, Jhuma Sadhukhan
4:35 PMDevelopment of Petrol-Alcohol-Water Microemulsion Fuel as a Substitute for Petrol and Ethanol-Blended Petrol
Manish Arora, Rajat Arora, Sandeep Mourya, Amit A. Gaikwad, K. G. Singh, Lalit Paliwal, R. K. Meena, Leena Mehendale, Ashok N. Bhaskarwar
5:00 PMIndalin+: A New Process for Production of Auto Lpg and High Quality Gasoline
Satyen Kumar Das, Debasis Bhattacharyya, V. Krishnan

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