Monday, April 7, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room 289 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Environmental Division (09)

#71 - Hydrothermal Processing for Wastewater Treatment (09009)
Hydrothermal processing for wastewater treatment. Papers describing wet air oxidation, supercritical water oxidation, and high temperature hydrolysis are welcome. The focus is on wastewater treatment, but other general papers on general hydrothermal processing, reactions, and thermodynamics are also welcome.
Chair:Clayton B. Maugans
2:00 PMTreatment and Color Removal of Wastewaters Using Wet Air Oxidation
Bryan Kumfer, Tim Schleusner
2:25 PMThe Disposal of Neutralized Chemical Warfare Materials Using a Commercial Wet Oxidation System: A Case Study
Clayton B. Maugans, Bill Adams, Ed Doyle, Jeff Bettinger, Bill Killilea, Kevin Laymon
2:50 PMWet Oxidation as Applied to Powdered Activated Carbon Recovery in Wastewater Treatment
John A. Meidl
3:15 PMComparison of Treatment Efficiencies of Various Advanced Oxidation Processes for Dye Removal from Wastewater
Meng-Wen Chang, Pei-Jen Lu, Tai-Shang Chen, Jia-Ming Chern
3:40 PMA Novel Static Mixer to Ensure a Minimum Processing Time for Thermophyllic Sludge Digestion
Matthew J. Armstrong, E. Bruce Nauman

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