Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Room 388 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 5: IMRET-10: 10th International Conference on Microreaction Technology (T5)

#102 - Characterization and Simulation - Part 1 (T5011)
Characterization methods of microstructured devices e.g. for mixing quality, heat and mass transfer capabilities, properties which influence residence time or particle size distribution often differ from the well-established methods of the macroscale world due to scale effects. Papers about new developed or succesfully applied characterization methods are as wellcome in this session.
Chair:Dionisios G. Vlachos
CoChair:Catherine Xuereb
8:30 AMResidence Time Distribution Studies in Microchannels with Staggered Herringbone Structures
Alberto Cantu-Perez, Asterios Gavriilidis
8:55 AMEvaluation of Numerical Methods for Describing Mass Transfer in Microstructured Devices Using Experimentally Determined Residence Time Distributions
Sebastian Lohse, Jens F. Acker, Zhu Fan, E. Ekkehard Barth, Joachim Franzke, Stefan Turek, David W. Agar
9:20 AMOptical Characterization of Viscosity-Dependent Residence Time Distribution in the Static Micromixer Statmix6
Michael Koehler, Beate Schleiff, Steffen Schneider, Dusan Boskovich, Gregor Alexander Gross
9:45 AMCharacterization of Flow Regimes and Transport Phenomena in Complex Microchannels
Norbert Kockmann
10:10 AMIntermediate Reynolds Number Reactive Boundary Layers in Catalytic Micro-Combustion Flows
Suzanne A. Smyth, Dimitrios C Kyritsis
10:35 AMMass Transfer Characterization Inside Reactive Droplets Flowing Throw Microchannels
Flavie Sarrazin

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