Monday, April 7, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room 388 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 5: IMRET-10: 10th International Conference on Microreaction Technology (T5)

#64 - Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Synthesis and Production Part 2 (T5002)
This session will contain papers that focus on the synthesis of fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs) making use of micro-technology
Chair:Jun-ichi Yoshida
CoChair:Dominique M. Roberge
2:00 PMDevelopment and Evaluation of Microreaction Experiments and Implementation into University Teaching
Johannes Zimmermann, Bernd Ondruschka, Annegret Stark
2:25 PMIonic Liquids in Continuous Flow Microreactors
Johannes Klos, Daniel Wilms, Andreas F. M. Kilbinger, Holger Lwe, Holger Frey
2:50 PMMicroreactors for the Basic Organic Teaching Lab Course
Swen Koersten, Dana Kralisch, Kristina Dubnack, Peter Kreitmeier, Burkhard Koenig, Guenter Kreisel
3:15 PMSynthesis of Photochromic Diarylethenes Using a Microflow System
Yousuke Ushiogi, Tomoyuki Hase, Yoshiharu Iinuma, Atsushi Takata, Jun-ichi Yoshida
3:40 PMGeneration and Reactions of Ortho-Bromophenyllithium without Benzyne Formation Using Microflow System
Aiichiro Nagaki, Jun-ichi Yoshdia
4:05 PMDevelopment and Experimental Characterization of a Pilot-Scale Falling Film Microreactor and Outlook on Production Scale
Patrick Lb, Christian Hofmann, Bhanu Kiran Vankayala, Ulrich Krtschil, Volker Hessel, Robert Franke
4:30 PMSynthetic Study of Biofunctional Molecules by Using Microfluidic System
Koichi Fukase

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