Wednesday, April 9, 2008: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Room 385 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 7: 11th Topical on Refinery Processing (T7)

#169 - Light Hydrocarbon Processing (T7008)
Changing gasoline specifications and gasoline blending requirements such as the removal of ethers from gasoline blending components, increased use of ethanol as a blending component, and further reduction of benzene content require a new focus on light ends processes in current refinery flow schemes. New and Innovative revamp processing techniques designed to improve the efficiency and increase the capacity of existing petrochemical units will be required to meet the challenges of the petrochemical industry. Papers are requested on the following processes: alkylation, dehydrogenation, dimerization, isomerization, MTO and olefin cracking. Particular emphasis on the interaction between light ends processes are encouraged. Papers are invited from refiners, licensors, contractors and consultants.
Chair:Richard Isherwood
CoChair:Tim Olsen
8:30 AMTutorial: Light Naphtha Isomerization
Veronica Deak, Richard Rosin, Dana Sullivan
9:30 AMOptions for Gasoline Pool Benzene Management
David Shecterle, Richard Isherwood
10:00 AMHF Alkylation: A New Age
Larry Shoemaker, James P. Glavin
10:30 AMBenzene Regulations and the Refinery H2 Balance
Alan Zagoria

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