Tuesday, April 8, 2008: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
Rooms 356-357 (New Orleans Convention Center)

Topical 1: 42nd Loss Prevention Symposium (T1)

#116 - Hazards of Alternative Fuels Technologies (T1004)
Alternative fuels, primarily ethanol but also biodiesels and gaseous alternative fuels, are becoming a more important part of our energy base. This session invites papers on the prevention and mitigation of fires and explosions involved with the production, distribution, and end-use of these fuels.
Chair:Walter L. Frank
CoChair:Daniel A. Crowl
CoSponsor(s):Loss Prevention & Process Safety (11a)
10:15 AMCng and Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Tank Failure Incidents, Testing, and Preventive Measures
Robert Zalosh
10:45 AMComparative Fire Risk of Motor Vehicle Fuels: Gasoline Vs. E-85 Ethanol
Andrew R. Carpenter, Scott E. Dillion, Russell A. Ogle
11:15 AMNfpa Hydrogen Technologies Code Project
Carl Harold Rivkin

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