Ge Gasturbine Design in O G Applications According to IEC62061 Requirements Vs CE Marking

Vincenzo Amato and Elda Casamassima. General Electric O&G, Via Felice Matteucci, Florence, 2 / 50100, Italy

Safety Instrumented Systems are used in gas turbine (GT) systems design to mitigate potential Hazardous situations that can arise from machine deviations. International standard IEC62061, (released in 2005) is machinery sector within the framework of IEC61508.

Starting from 31st December 2005 the IEC62061 came harmonized standard for machinery directive 98/37/CE. All members of UE and EFTA use the machinery directive in order to establish the safety requirements (RES) for machine that will be putted in market.

In this way, the IEC62061 are requested to be satisfied in order to give the presumption of conformity for the loop based on Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic components that are called to ensure safety of machinery. This establishing both a probabilistic approach on safety and, the relative safety integrity of a safety instrumented system to perform its prescribed action over the product life cycle (design, installation, and operation of safety instrumented systems).

This paper describes the application of IEC62061 international standard on GE O&G Gas Turbine for the Safety-Related System (SRS) that are separated from the normal electrical control system. This job allows both ensuring a greater safety factor and faulting independence inside E/E/PE system and satisfies the requirements of machinery directives that, together with others applicable European directives, bring to CE marking.