Domino Effects Research in the Safety Assessment of Petrochemical Enterprises

DongFeng Zhao, Zhang Bo, and Wang Wendong. China University of Petroleum - East China, Qingdao Economic Area, People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China, 266555, China

AbstractFPetrochemical units are normally established closely for the purpose of optimization but they could easily be involved into chain accidents which we define it as domino effects. Domino effects can cause serious consequences in petrochemical units. However, the existing safety assessment methods analyze equipment separately and ignore the influences of the neighbor units. It is of great emergency and importance that safety assessment should take the domino effects into consideration. Based on the domino effect analysis model presented by V.Cozzani, we conceived the frame of domino safety assessment method. Domino safety assessment is a safety assessment method in which domino effects should be analyzed and evaluated. It evaluates the interaction between the surrounding units qualitatively and quantitatively to determine the possibility of happening of a domino effect, so that the results of the safety assessment would be more objective and more close to the facts. Three kinds of factors which could cause domino effects presented by V.Cozzani including thermal radiation, overpressure and explosion missiles have been conceived into the frame of domino safety assessment method. An industrial example has been studied and it explains the accidents phenomenon well. Domino safety assessment method is a useful supplement to the existing safety assessment method and it has great value for research.

Key words: domino effect domino safety assessment method petrochemical enterprises