- 2:00 PM

Preparing for Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Greg Johnson, Liskow & Lewis, One Shell Square, 701 Poydras Street, Suite 5000, 50th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70139

In recent months, global warming concerns have heightened to such a level that the national regulation of greenhouse gases has become inevitable. However, the particulars of such regulation remains a moving target. Despite the unknown terrain of greenhouse gas regulation, it is important that industry keep abreast of these ever-changing proposals. This presentation will provide an overview of the current status of global and national greenhouse gas development, will outline the current initiatives and proposed legislation and discuss their ramifications for industry.

The presentation will address the following topics:

* International Initiatives the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and the June 2007 G8 meeting.

* U.S. Greenhouse Gas Litigation implications of the Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. EPA and other greenhouse gas litigation.

* U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives the particulars of regional proposals contained in the Western Regional Climate Initiative and the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

* Greenhouse Gas Developments at the state level, such as Kansas' recent denial of an air permit based on Greenhouse Gas concerns.

* U.S. Greenhouse Gas Legislation the particulars of the several climate change bills recently introduced in Congress.

* Comparison of Proposed Legislation to other Existing Emissions Programs.

Finally, the presentation will incorporate other greenhouse gas developments that may occur between the present time and the date of the presentation.