- 2:20 PM

“Pot-in-Pot” Reactions: Polymer Macro-Fabrication for Site-Isolation of Catalysts and Reagents for Cascade Reactions

Martin T. Mwangi, M. Brett Runge, and Ned B. Bowden. Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa, 423I Chemistry Building, Iowa city, IA 52242

We reported the occlusion of Grubbs' catalysts in polymeric membranes leading to new reactivities and otherwise impossible Selectivities. Here we report the macro-fabrication and application of polymeric thimbles in “pot-in-pot” reactions. These newly discovered cascade reactions exploit selective diffusion of small molecules across a polymeric barrier to site-isolate organometallic catalysts, solvents, and/or reagents. This efficient site-isolation allowed us to perform new cascade reactions based on well understood reactions (see below). We have also applied our findings to perform well-controlled living polymerizations. Our findings will be discussed.

Web Page: www.chem.uiowa.edu/faculty/bowden/group/