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Materials & Nanotechnology
     * indicates ACS or AIChE as the primary sponsor
      ACS Preprint Required for Acceptance
      AIChE Extended Paper Requested After Acceptance (3 months prior to meeting)

Directed Assemblies Using Surface Templates (abstract deadline: 10/28/07)
Assembly of specific and ordered structures using directed assembly templates, e.g., nanoparticles, nanotube networks, block copolymers, micellar media, and DNA; Overview of common threads between chemistry and chemical engineering in directed assemblies with surface templates

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry *
Isiah M. Warner
Louisiana State University

AIChE Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (Group 8)
Brian S. Mitchell, Tulane University

Functional Nano-Materials from New Polymer Synthetic Methodologies
(abstract deadline: 10/28/07)
[ACS POLY Preprint Required]
Functionality and applications of synthetic nanomaterials

ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry *
Devon A. Shipp, Clarkson University

Robert B. Grubbs, Dartmouth College

AIChE Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (Group 8)
Paula T. Hammond,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James L. Hedrick, IBM Research

Hybrid Nanotechnologies for Enhanced CO2 Fixation (abstract deadline: 11/09/07)
[ACS FUEL Preprint Required]
CO2 utilization in the synthesis of methanol and fuels; Gas to liquids (GTL) technologies: CO2 and methane co-processing; CO2 recovery from flue gases; CO2 fixation into organic molecular compounds (e.g., carboxylation reactions), polymers, inorganic compounds and hybrid materials; CO2 photoreduction to C1 - Cn molecules; Technological applications of CO2 as a fluid (e.g., dry washing, air conditioning, extraction processes)

ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry *
Michele Aresta, University of Bari

Robert Tabita, Ohio State University

Zhongyi Jiang, Tianjin University

AIChE Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (Group 16)
Belma Demirel, Rentech, Inc.

Nanostructured Materials (abstract deadline: 10/28/07)
Nanostructural fabrication; Nanofunctional materials and synthesis; Novel physical and chemical property characterizations of nanostructured materials; Nanoscale device fabrication and testing

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry *
Peidong Yang, University of California, Berkeley

AIChE NSEF (Nanoscale Science Engineering Forum, Group 22)
Michael S. Wong, Rice University

Christopher B. Murray, University of Pennsylvania

Understanding and Controlling Bacterial Adhesion at Molecular to Macro-Scales
(abstract deadline: 10/28/07)
Interactions governing bacterial adhesion to surfaces; fundamental understanding of bacterial adhesion at the molecular-scale; fate and transport of bacteria in aquatic environments; novel experimental methods for understanding mechanisms of bacterial adhesion and transport; modeling bacterial adhesion and transport; effect of environmental, biological, physical, and chemical factors on bacterial adhesion and transport; bacterial biofilms

ACS Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry *
Sharon L. Walker, University of California, Riverside

AIChE Environmental Division (Group 9)
Nehal Abu-Lail, Washington State University