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Water Purification Technologies and Processes (abstract deadline: 10/28/07)
[ACS ENVR Preprint Required]
Submit abstract to one of the following topics
Advances in Abiotic Transformation Processes for Micropollutants in Drinking Water and for Sourcewater Protection
Advances in the science of abiotic transformation processes; Investigations and applications to drinking water treatment & sourcewater protection
Advances in Adsorption Processes for Drinking Water Treatment and Sourcewater Protection
Advances in the science of adsorption technology; Investigations and applications to drinking water treatment & sourcewater protection
Advances in Drinking Water Disinfection and Byproduct Management
Advances in development for sustainable water reuse of new disinfection materials, novel chemical and physical disinfection processes, disinfection mechanisms and modeling; Applications in developing countries
Membrane Technology for Water Treatment and Reuse
Fabrication, characterization and implementation of new membranes and systems; Application of membrane processes to water treatment and reuse
New Membranes & Resins for Wastewater Treatment
Research in membranes and novel materials that efficiently remove hazardous compounds, e.g., heavy metal ions and emergent trace contaminants
Sensors for Detection and Quantification of Contaminants in Drinking Water and the Environment
Advances in analytical science as applied to drinking water treatment
Understanding the Water Footprint of Energy Production from Conventional and Alternative Sources
Characterizing the water footprint in the energy sector; Impact of the water footprint on energy-related processes; Challenges & opportunities for reducing the water footprint by process optimization, water conservation and reuse

ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry *
Ruth A. Hathaway, Hathaway Consulting

WaterCAMPWS, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Cosponsor with ACS *
Eberhard Morgenroth, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (WaterCAMPWS)

Anja Mueller, Central Michigan University


AIChE Environmental Division (Group 9)
Nada Marie Assaf-Anid, Manhattan College

John Bergendahl, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mary Ellen Ternes, Esq., McAfee & Taft

Ralph Pike, Louisiana State University

Robert Peters, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Tapas Das, Skillings Connolly, Inc.

Kurt Rindfusz, Eastern Research Group

Developing Environmental Foresight Through Computational Chemistry and Modeling 
(abstract deadline: 12/09/07)
Computational design and modeling to predict environmental liability of new chemistries and application; Involvement of stakeholders to make informed decisions prior to the implementation of new technologies
ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry
Linda Broadbelt, Northwestern University
AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (Group 20) *
Paul Blowers, University of Arizona