Tuesday, 25 April 2006: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Asia 5 (Dolphin Hotel)

Fluidization and Multiphase Flow/Separations (TWd)

#80 - Numerical Simulation of Fluid/Particle Flow Systems - IV (TWD24)
extended session
Chair:Hans Kuipers
CoChair:Paul Sechrist
8:00 AMDEM modeling of hopper flows: comparison and validation of models and parameters
Rasmus Martin Hemph, Berend Van Wachem, Alf-Erik Almstedt
8:20 AMFully-3D DEM fluidization simulation of a shallow fine powder bed
David K. Kafui, Colin Thornton, Jonathan P.K. Seville
8:40 AMConvergence Control and Convergence Improvement in Lagrangian Predictions of Particulate Two-Phase Flows
Michael Horn, Hans-Joachim Schmid
9:00 AMModeling of the Hydrodynamics of Gas–Solid Flows by Improved Finite Volume Based Finite Element Method
Mostafa K. Moraveji, Mohammad Hossein N. Famili
9:20 AMIssues concerning Simulation of Industrial Particulate Handling and Processing Operations Using the Discrete Element Method
John Favier

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