Thursday, 27 April 2006: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Oceanic 4 (Dolphin Hotel)

Particulate Handling/Processing and Granular Systems (TWc)

#243 - Granulation and Encapsulation (TWC18)
This session is dedicated to the subject of the mechanics of dry and slightly wet powders including such operations as granulation and break-up of particles and agglomerates (milling). Experimental and theoretical presentations from both academia and industry are invited.
Chair:Gabriel Tardos
CoChair:James N. Michaels
8:00 AMHow Granule Characteristics Change When High Shear Granulators Are Scaled up?
Chih Chi Kwan, Yulong Ding, Richard A. Williams, Mojtaba Ghadiri
8:20 AMScale up and Control of Binder Agglomeration Processes -- Batch and Continuous
Paul Mort
8:40 AM"One-Dimensional" Scale-up of High-Shear Granulators
James N. Michaels, Gordon Wang, Leon Farber, Karen P. Hapgood, Jun-Hong Chou, Stephen Heidel, Gabriel I. Tardos
9:00 AMWet Granule Breakage in High Shear Mixer Granulation
James D. Litster, Rachel M. Smith, Neil Page
9:20 AMThe morphology and strength of solidifying inter-particle bridges in a granule
Gabriel I. Tardos, Leon Farber, James N. Michaels
9:40 AMInvestigation of a Novel Method to Produce Water-Insoluble Microencapsulated Flavor Granules
Bhesh Bhandari, Bruce D'Arcy, Syeda Begum

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