Monday, 24 April 2006: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Asia 4 (Dolphin Hotel)

Particulate Handling/Processing and Granular Systems (TWc)

#7 - Fluid-Particle Interactions and Inter-Particle Forces in Fine Particle Systems I (TWC05)
We solicit experimental and theoretical contributions advancing our understanding of fluid-particle and particle-particle interactions. The former includes the fluid-particle drag, the generation and dissipation of fluctuation energy in particle phase by the fluid and the effect of particles on fluid-turbulence, and the effects of particle size distribution on these are of particular interest. The particle-particle interactions include drag due to relative motion between different types of particles in a mixture and cohesive interactions between particles. Papers describing experiments, simulations and theory designed to isolate and study these interactions and expose their consequences on flow and other transport characteristics will fit neatly in this session.
Chair:Sankaran Sundaresan
CoChair:Martin A. Van der Hoef
8:00 AMBasic Investigations on Fugitive Dust Emissions Caused by Falling Bulk Solid Streams
Gert Rheina-Wolbeck, Wilhelm Höflinger
8:20 AMDispersion of High Aspect Ratio Particles in Air
Stephen T. Tedeschi, Kevin Powers, M. B. Arun Ranade, Hassan El-Shall
8:40 AMControlling the Interparticle Forces of Nanoparticles Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Luis F. Hakim, Steven M. George, Alan W. Weimer
9:00 AMSimulation of the Hydrodynamic Behaviour of Aggregated Particles
Hans-Joachim Schmid, Christian Binder, Nils Thürey, Wolfgang Peukert
9:20 AMFine Particle Flow – from a Discrete Element Perspective
Qin Li, Victor Rudolph
9:40 AMAgglomerate Shrinkage and Bubbling Stimulation on Vibrated Apf Beds
Jose-Manuel Valverde, Antonio Castellanos, M.A.S. Quintanilla

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