Monday, 24 April 2006: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Oceanic 2 (Dolphin Hotel)

Particle and Bulk Powder Characterization (TWa)

#44 - In situ particle and flow measurements in concentrated mixtures (TWA01)
New developments of instrumentation and its application to concentrated dry and wet mixtures will be featured. Papers will describe innovations in instrumentation using single point, multiple point and tomographic measurement techniques applied to modeling, optimisation and control of particulate systems. These applications may be based on a broad range of industrial sectors but special interest will be given to areas of pharmaceutical production and energy systems. Examples of measurement methods to be considered might include; optical, ultrasound, terahertz, electrical impedance, ionization techniques, electromagnetic induction, particle imaging etc and to include spectroscopic versions of these modalities and new data interpretation methods based on soft sensor approaches. Example of the use of multiple and tomographic sensors to describe velocity and density maps are also especially sought
Chair:Richard Williams
CoChair:Stefaan J. R. Simons
CoSponsor(s):Particulate Handling/Processing and Granular Systems (TWc)
1:00 PMElectrical Capacitance Tomography the State of the Art
Tom Dyakowski, Haigang Wang, Wuqiang Yang, Shi Liu
1:20 PMModelling and Detection of Cosmic Ray Muons: the Development of a Muon Imaging System for Large Shielded Storage Vessels
Steven Stanley, Dominic Rhodes, Paul M. Jenneson, Walter Gilboy, Stefaan J.R. Simons
1:40 PMIn-Line Measurement of Nano Particles Using Electroacoustic Spectroscopy Combined with Zeta Potential and Tomographic Techniques for High Concentration Paticle Suspension Systems
L. Liu, Xue Z. Wang, R. A. Williams, R. Tweedie, K. Primrose
2:00 PMOn-Line Measurement of the Settling Behaviour of Concentrated 2-Phase Solid/Liquid Mixtures
Haroun Mahgerefteh, Richard Kamugasha
2:20 PMThree-Dimensional Representations of Powder Mixedness Using a Positron Emission Tracking Technique
Brian Armstrong, Jonathan P. K. Seville, Xianfeng Fan, Andy Ingram, David J. Parker, Trevor G. Page, Vejay Jekmohan
2:40 PMDevelopment of an Integrated Methodology to Evaluate Permeability Based on Measured Microstructures
Cordelia Selomulya, Toan Manh Tran, Xiaodong Jia, Richard Williams

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