Monday, 24 April 2006: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Oceanic 2 (Dolphin Hotel)

Particle and Bulk Powder Characterization (TWa)

#12 - On-line and In-line Measurement (TWA16)
A scientific approach to industrial particle processing is based on the development of means of characterizing particle systems. The present state of awareness mainly relies on laboratory instruments treating samples taken from process plant and analyzed off-line. This allows process investigation, checking specifications of raw materials and final products. However, recent developments in on-line measurements offer the possibility of following process dynamics, getting better and more rapid control, and eliminating questions about the statistical significance of quality control based on sampling. Papers are invited that describe on-line instrumentation for determining the characteristics of particle systems in-situ in process plant and that describe how in-line measurements from such instruments lead to process improvements.
Chair:John Dodds
CoChair:Agba D. Salman
8:00 AMCrystal Size and Shape Monitoring Using High-Speed, in-Situ Video Imaging and Model-Based Recognition
Paul A. Larsen, Nicola J. Ferrier, James B. Rawlings
8:20 AMExperimental Investigation of Change in Chord Length Distribution Measured by Online Backscattering Technique
Amjad Shaikh, M.J. Hounslow, A.D. Salman, Gill Littlewood, Steve Mcnamara
8:40 AMIn-Situ Process Monitoring for Plasma Synthesis of Alumina Nanoparticles
Jong-Won Shin, Hiroyuki Miyazoe, Marc Leparoux, Stephan Siegmann, Jean-Luc Dorier, Christoph Hollenstein
9:00 AMOnline Particle Size Measurement in a High Pressure Antisolvent Process
Uwe W. Seiffert, Eberhard Schlücker
9:20 AMParticle Velocity and Particle Concentration Determination in Granular Dilute Phase Flow Using a Single Layer of Optical Sensors
Anton Fuchs, Hubert Zangl
9:40 AMRemote Monitoring of Slug Sequence and Flow Stability in Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying
Anton Fuchs, Peter W. Wypych, David B. Hastie, Ian Frew

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