Monday, 24 April 2006: 1:45 PM-4:55 PM
South Hemisphere Salon 4 & 5 (Dolphin Hotel)

Topical 5: 40th Loss Prevention Symposium (T5)

#54 - Mechanical Integrity (T5004)
Mechanical integrity is a key requirement for harnessing the tremendous hazard potential created by industrial operations dealing with toxic materials or large quantities of chemical, thermal, mechanical or electrical energy. MI failure is often the initiating event that leads to major fires or explosions. This session invites papers on all aspects of mechanical integrity, including system design, consequence analysis, reliability, maintenance, and near-miss or full-blown incident experience.
Chair:Christopher Hanauska
CoChair:Henry L. Febo
1:45 PMWhy Mechanical Integrity Is So Tough, M. Hazzan
2:15 PMFlexible Storage Phosphor Plate Versus Film-Based Technology for Erosion/Corrosion Profiling
Steve Mazur
2:45 PMManaging on Stream Leak Repairs
Jesse Wilson, Mark Frazier
3:15 PMBreak
4:00 PMBeyond Compliance Taking Your Mechanical Integrity Program to the Next Level
Andrew Remson
4:30 PMMechanical Integrity Best Practice for Sulphuric Acid Plants
Michael Robert Beaumont
5:00 PMAn Analysis of the Gas Pipeline Explosion at Ghislenghien, Belgium
Haroun Mahgerefteh, Olufemi Atti

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