Tuesday, 25 April 2006: 1:45 PM-4:55 PM
South Hemisphere Salon 4 & 5 (Dolphin Hotel)

Topical 5: 40th Loss Prevention Symposium (T5)

#126 - Hazard Aspects of Combustion Equipment (T5002)
This session will focus on hazard aspects of various types of combustion equipment, such as fired heaters, flares, thermal oxidizers, steam boilers, waste heat boilers, and paper plant recovery boilers. Papers may be submitted on the following topics: process design for safe operation, equipment specifications for improved safety, control systems and instrumentation for improved operational safety, operating procedures and practices for safe operation, case histories of combustion equipment accidents and failures. etc.
Chair:Stanley S. Grossel
CoChair:Daniel A. Crowl
1:45 PMA Proposed Comprehensive Model for Elevated Flare Flames and Plumes
David Shore
2:15 PMFlare Safety and Reliability Enhanced with New Flare Pilot Systems
John A. Bellovich, James C. Franklin, Robert E. Schwartz
2:45 PMProper Flare Safety
John Straitz III
3:15 PMBreak
4:00 PMThe Role of Basic Design Data in Preventing Explosions within Fired Equipment: a Case Study
Robert F. Wasileski
4:30 PMIn line flame arrester application limits and matrix concept for process plant safety from flash back of thermal combustion units
Dr.-Ing. Michael Davies, Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Heidermann
5:00 PMUsing LOPA to Verify the Design of a Burner Management System
John W. Champion

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