Wednesday, 26 April 2006: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Heron (Swan Hotel)

Topical 1: Applications of Micro-reactor Engineering (T1)

#180 - Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Production in Micro-Systems (T1008)
This session will contain papers that focus on the synthesis of fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs) making use of micro-technology.
Chair:P. Watts
CoChair:YW Kwon
8:00 AMMicro Reaction Technology as a Means of Chemical Process Intensification
Simon Becht, Henrik Hahn
8:40 AMChemical Synthesis in Micro Reactors
P. Watts
9:00 AMProcess Optimization of a Catalyzed Bleach Oxidation for the Production of Functionalized Aldehydes Using Microreaction Technology
Stefan Loebbecke, Wolfgang Ferstl, Maud Schwarzer, Elke Fritz-Langhals, Juergen Stohrer
9:20 AMHigh-P,T Micro-Reactor Processing for the Aqueous Kolbe-Schmitt Synthesis of Hydroquinone and Phloroglucinol
Volker Hessel, Christian Hofmann, Patrick Loeb, Holger Loewe, Maria Parals
9:40 AMCatalyst-Trap Microreactor for Hydrogenation of a Pharmaceutical Intermediate
Shaun M. McGovern, Harish Gadre, R.S. Besser
10:00 AMKinetic Study of Catalytic Hydrogenation of O-Nitroanisole to O-Anisidine in a Microchannel Reactor
Sunitha Tadepalli, Raghu Halder, Adeniyi Lawal, Jale Muslehiddinoglu, Donald Kientzler
10:20 AMMicrochemical Engineering - a Powerful Tool for Process Intensification
Olaf Stange, Shaibal Roy, A. Azzawi, F Schael, Thomas Daszkowski, Eric Boonstra, Peter Ryan, Hans-Eric Gasche, M. Grünewald, L. Mleczko
10:40 AMA Novel Microfabricated Device Capable of Continuous-Flow Separations Utilizing Vapor-Liquid Equilibria
Stephen Cypes

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