CO/CO2 Activation Rapid Talks

Wednesday, June 5, 2019: 2:55 PM - 3:30 PM
Texas Ballroom EF (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)

CO/CO2 Activation

Synthesis Gas to Fuels and Chemicals
Nico Fischer Email:

2:55 PM

3:03 PM
Zeolite a Catalysts Reduced By NaBH4 for Hydroformylation of 1-Hexene
Yuan Fang, Guohui Yang, Yoshiharu Yoneyama and Noritatsu Tsubaki

3:06 PM
Directly Converting Carbon Dioxide to Linear α-Olefins on Bio-Promoted Catalysts
Lisheng Guo, Jian Sun, Qingjie Ge and Noritatsu Tsubaki

3:15 PM
CO Hydrogenation over Ni Catalysts Supported on MAl2O4@Al (M=Mn, Mg, Zn)
Thien An Le, Ji Eun Kim, Jong Kyu Kang and Eun Duck Park
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