554581 New Insights into the Catalytic Performance of Na-Promoted Fe/Al2O3 Catalyst in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Monday, June 3, 2019
Texas Ballroom Prefunction Area (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Aliu A. Adeleke1,2, Xinying Liu1, Michela Martinelli2, Diane Hildebrandt1 and Burtron H. Davis2, (1)Institute for the Development of Energy for African Sustainability (IDEAS), College of Science, Engineering & Technology, University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, (2)Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Na in Fe-based catalysts can be used to increase CO conversion and C2-C4 olefins and decrease conversion of H2 and C1 selectivity, but its behaviour at different reaction temperatures is of importance in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS). The dependency of reaction temperature on the C1 formation rate, conversions of H2 and CO, water-gas shift reaction, olefins and paraffins of C2-C4 and C5-C12 hydrocarbons, and C13+ hydrocarbons for prepared Fe/Al2O3 and FeNa/Al2O3 catalysts was evaluated in a tubular fixed-bed reactor. This was carried out to investigate the effects of Na in Fe-based catalyst at different reaction temperatures (250 - 310 oC). The results show that Na effects in Fe-based catalysts to increase CO conversion and decrease H2 conversion are dependent on the reaction temperature in FTS. Na-promoted Fe-based catalyst (FeNa/Al2O3) gave lower C1 formation rates at some certain lower reaction temperatures (250 oC and 270 oC) when compared with the unpromoted Fe-based catalyst (Fe/Al2O3). The presence of Na in the Fe-based catalyst improved the C1 formation rates at some certain higher reaction temperatures (290 oC and 310 oC). Na was found to hinder the selectivities towards C2-C4 paraffins and C13+ hydrocarbons including the oxygenates and improve the formation of C2-C4 olefins and C5-C12 hydrocarbons at various reaction temperatures.

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