551531 Cool GTL- A New Process from GTL

Monday, June 3, 2019: 11:18 AM
Texas Ballroom EF (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Terry Marker, Jim Wangerow, Pedro Ortiz-Toral, Martin Linck and Ron Stanis, Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL

GTI is currently working to develop Cool GTL, a new processes for the conversion of natural gas to high quality liquids.

Cool GTL can be used to convert high CO2 content natural gas, biogas streams, and gas produced from gas plants to liquids. In Cool GTL we convert high CO2 feeds to synthesis gas at a 2/1 H2/CO ratio using a novel CO2/steam reforming catalyst which has high stability. The 2/1 H2/CO synthesis gas ratio is always achieved, for a variety of levels of feed CO2 content, by adjusting the amount of water added according to the amount of CO2 in the feed. The reformer catalyst has been tested for 500 hours and shows no deactivation. The product from the reformer then goes directly to a low temperature bubbling fluid bed Fischer Tropsch reactor which makes hydrocarbon liquids from the synthesis gas. A unique catalyst formulation enables the fluid bed to make no wax. The fluid bed allows excellent temperature control. Cool GTL is under development but still requires longer integrated testing.

Currently Cool GTL is being developed at GTI through DOE funding in the project “Cool GTL for the Production of Jet Fuel from Biogas”. Although this project uses biogas as a feed, the technology is equally applicable to any natural gas stream. In this DOE project, our goal is to make 100 gallons of high quality jet fuel. This project will also demonstrate Cool GTL catalyst and process stability through long term, 24 hour operation. Once the DOE project is complete, we believe the Cool GTL process will be ready for larger scale commercial deployment in multiple applications.

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