550885 Center for Innovation on New Energies -CINE- a New Research Effort for Methane Conversion Using Electrochemical Technologies

Monday, June 3, 2019
Texas Ballroom Prefunction Area (Grand Hyatt San Antonio)
Andre Ferlauto1, Estevam Spinacé2, Reginaldo Muccillo2, Daniel de Florio1, Almir Oliveira Neto2, Elisabete Santiago2, Thiago Lopes2, Jorge Vaz2, Eliana Muccillo2 and Fabio Fonseca2, (1)UFABC, Santo André, Brazil, (2)IPEN-CNEN/SP, São Paulo, Brazil

The Center for Innovation on New Energies (CINE) is an Engineering Research Center sponsored by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil) and Shell. CINE was launched on August 2018 to grow as a world-class research hub to promote the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. CINE’s four divisions have the mission to perform interdisciplinary research in the areas of new dense energy carriers, energy storage, and devise new pathways to convert methane to products. The Methane to Products (M2P) division is built to grow as a scientific platform for research on advanced electrochemical technologies for methane conversion to high-value products. The M2P division covers a broad range of topics that comprises a sustainable path for transforming methane to a feedstock using photo and electrochemical processes. CINE’s M2P division is based on the association of two leading institutions of São Paulo metropolitan area: Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas and Nucleares (IPEN) and Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC) teamed up with leading academics from other countries (such as Portugal, France, Denmark, and Germany) to extend the scientific capabilities. The main objective of the RD3 is to explore new possibilities for methane conversion by using advanced electrochemical technologies. Systematic studies of different reactions paths using either sun- or electric-driven electrochemical reactors, from ultra-high temperature (~1,400°C) to room temperature, are planned. Such studies comprise the formation and training of high-qualified students in all levels that will share a multidisciplinary research environment with strong links to both knowledge and technology dissemination. The final goal is to produce and disseminate knowledge and technology to contribute to efficient and practical systems for the sustainable production of high-value chemicals from methane. Specific objectives are summarized by the topics covered by the six initial projects of the M2P division - Composite ceramic membranes for carbon dioxide separation - Photocatalysts for methane conversion to valuable products coupling with hydrogen evolution from water - Methane conversion at ultra-high temperatures by solar driven redox reactions - Catalysts for selective formation of methanol from methane in fuel cell systems - Electrochemical conversion of CH4 to methanol mediated by CO2 - High temperature electrochemical CH4 conversion in solid oxide reactors. Such projects will be briefly introduced to stimulate discussions and new collaborations.

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