446763 Mangrove Membranes

Monday, May 23, 2016: 3:00 PM
Evergreen Ballroom C (Hyatt Regency Bellevue)
Mariusz Grzelakowski, Applied Biomimetic Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Mangrove Membranes

Mariusz Grzelakowski

Applied Biomimetic Inc. 2180 E Galbraith Road 45237 Cincinnati Ohio, USA

(Email: mg@appliedbiomimetic.com, telephone: +1 513 558 6090)

Porins based membranes have been considered a promising filtration technology and have been intensively studied over the last few years1. Most common approach is to embed aquaporin, using lipid or block copolymer (BCP) vesicles, into membrane forming polymers on the porous substrates2. This approach has shown its limitations on number of occasions. The commercial membranes shown up to date failed to utilize selectivity and permeability of aquaporin or other porins in the separation layer. We have chosen an alternative approach to formation of active layer, where block copolymer vesicles serve as a vehicle for protein delivery and a coting material at the same time. Cross-linked block copolymer vesicles were successfully used to form separation layers. Membranes built this way were characterized by significantly increased water flux if polymer vesicles were reconstituted with aquaporins.

Here we will discuss the improvements to the original proof of concept3, novel filtration membranes and scale up activities for production of membranes utilizing the functions of membrane proteins.


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