Call for Abstracts

Sixth International Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop

Program Selection for New Submissions

  • Click the "Begin A Submission" button for the Program you wish to submit to.
  • Note: A Program Title will only have a "Begin a Submission" button if it is currently accepting new submissions.
  • Note: Once you click the button for a Program, you will immediately enter the online submission process. You will first be prompted to Select a Topic (ie Session), then you will enter the Title information, then the Authors and finally the Paper/Abstract Text.
  • General Submissions will be considered for talks and if they are not selected, will automatically be considered as posters.
  • Students & postdocs are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to submit a poster abstract to attend. You have the additional option of submitting your abstract for one of the 15-minute short talk slots that will be featured during the course of the workshop. The conference committee will select the type of contribution (oral and/or poster) based on the review of abstracts. Submission deadline for abstracts is Friday, April 19, 2019.

How to Submit:

  1. Title

    Enter your title, submitter's email address, and any comments to organizers. After submitting this step, the email entered will receive a link to your submission and a paper ID and password. Retain this for future reference.
  2. Authors

    Enter author name, affiliation, and contact information, and designate the presenting author.
  3. Keywords

    Enter up to three keywords.
  4. Paper/Abstract Text

    You will be able to copy/paste your paper/abstract into a text box. You are limited to 300 words, including references.
  5. Confirmation

    You will have a chance to look over the submission to make sure all is complete.
  6. General Instructions & Answers to FAQs

    • When submitted, your abstract automatically will be viewable to session chairs.
    • The author retains all rights, including copyright and may submit the abstract or paper to another publication.
    • Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline, using the assigned ID# and password. Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and passwords assigned to their abstracts.
    • Names will be automatically hidden during the abstract review process and will be automatically inserted and properly formatted upon publication.
    • Session chairs and program organizers may move your presentation to a different session if they deem it a more appropriate fit elsewhere.
  7. Technical Support

    For help in submitting an abstract online, email Tech Support.

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